People at nonprofits tend to collaborate a lot, working on everything from grant proposals to volunteer databases. We’ve received lots of feedback from members of the Google for Nonprofits community requesting the ability to add multiple administrators to their Google for Nonprofits account.

We’ve been working hard to address that feedback and we’re now excited to announce the ability to have multiple administrators manage your Google for Nonprofits account. When you sign into your account, you’ll see a new screen on the User Home Page to “Manage Administrators” where you can review pending requests and accept or deny those requests.

If someone is requesting administrative access of your organization's account you’ll get an email notification. On the User Home Page you will see the option to “Manage Administrators with ‘(Action required)’ written next to that. By selecting ‘Manage Administrators,’ you can make a decision on whether to approve or deny that request.

So if you’d like to have multiple administrators manage your Google for Nonprofits account, encourage your colleagues to request to be an administrator. Then you can sign in to your Google for Nonprofits account and accept their requests.

Posted by Sara Boccabella, Alyssa Caulley and Denver Ogaro, Google for Nonprofits engineering